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Here at Brunswick Bank and Trust, we take pride in being able to serve you. From the very beginning our philosophy has always been that the basis of excellent service is exceptional people. Every member of our staff is expertly trained to make sure you get the quality services that you deserve.

Our establishment was founded on integrity and pride for the community we call home. Walk through our doors and you’ll see, you aren’t just a member of a bank, you’re a member of our banking family. No matter what your needs are, big or small, we have a service and the expertise to help you get the funding and knowledge you need.

We have a longstanding history of helping better our community by serving its people. We know that a strong community starts with getting to know its people and being their when they need us most. That’s why at Brunswick Bank and Trust, our servings are tailor-made for you. Our clients are the “go-getters”, the risk takers who aspire to change their world and the hardworking community members who dream big and work hard.

For over a century we have worked diligently to make sure that our clients don’t just get the services they need, they are empowered with the knowledge to reach their goals and inspire others to do the same.  Over the years our company has grown to become a leader in its industry, through its commitment to the community it serves. While we take great satisfaction in our success, it’s the growth and prosperity of those around us that is truly our greatest achievement.